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Interview Questions For Web Developer

Interview Questions For Web Developer | Most asked Interview Questions For Web Developer | web developer interview Questions

Web developer design and create the websites and make them user friendly by which anyone can use the it. They are also responsible for the front view and performance of the website. There are three different position in the web developer:

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer

First of all, The one who want to appear for the interview should be clear about the purpose of front end (web development) and should be prepare with some of these front end languages like HTML, HTML5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript. These are very basic and easy to understand and offer creativity to the website. If you really want to crack the interview and want to become front end developer then these are very important and you should have complete knowledge of any of these.

Second is Back End developer, responsible for sever-side and integration work with front end developers. If you want to become Back-End developer then you should have knowledge of databases, scripting languages ( should have knowledge of any of these language PHP, JAVA, RUBY, PYTHON and .Net ) as well as front end language. If you want to become successful back end developer then these are very important and you should have absolute knowledge of any of these.   

Third is Full Stack Developer, responsible for both Front-end and Back-end development and work with databases like using SQL, SQLite or MongoDB. 

Candidates who want to become web developer they should know these basics and improve skills on their respective fields so it will be easy to crack the interview easily. These are some very important questions which will be ask by interviewer…..

  1. What are the main responsibilities of web developer?
  2. What is HTTP and why is it required to understand by a web developer?
  3. What are the necessary skills, you should have to become a successful web developer?
  4. What is difference between html and HTML5 and which one is better as per your choice?
  5. What is CORS ? How is it related to web development.
  6. What is responsive web design (RWD) in HTML and CSS?
  7. What is pseudo class and what is the use of it in CSS?
  8. Tell me your any of the web development project you have worked on and your responsibility and in which languages you were working for the same?
  9. What are the trending languages for web development or making a user friendly interface so that anything can interact with website easily?
  10. 10.Difference between web developer and web designer?

These are the basic subjects and topics for all the recruitment drives but some of the multinational and national companies have added some of the subjects like coding round , communication round , programming mcq test etc . If you want to know more about these topics and also if you want a question paper series of MNC recruitment drives in recent years you need to join our telegram group.

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