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Practice real-life interviews on a virtual screen!

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Mock Interviews


Career Counseling

Discuss the path to succeed in your dream career & make required course corrections.

1:1 Mock Interview with Domain Experts

Personalized 1:1 assessment by a hand-picked senior professional with 10+ years of experience.

Detailed Feedback

Get a comprehensive report along with a video recording of the session for your improvement.


Everything is free don't pay anything ,we do not charge anything for mock interviews

Benefits of a Mock Interview

Overcoming Weaknesses

By identifying your weaknesses or areas in which you struggle during mock interviews, you can work on improving them, making you a stronger candidate in actual interviews.

Interview Etiquette

Mock interviews teach you proper interview etiquette, such as how to greet the interviewer, maintain eye contact, and ask insightful questions about the company and position.

Confidence Building

Repeated mock interviews can boost your confidence, making you feel more capable and self-assured when you face real job interviews.

Communication Skills

Mock interviews can improve your communication skills, including your body language, tone, and ability to convey your qualifications and enthusiasm effectively.

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