1.Can you describe a difficult interaction you had with a customer? How did you deal with it? When you think back, what would you have done differently?

2.When you work with a large number of customers, it is difficult to provide good service to all of them. What do you do before your customers ask?

3.Tell me about a time when you saw there was a better way to complete a task someone was doing. What do you say to them?

4.What's the best thing you've learned about yourself that you can apply to your job?

5.Tell me about a time when you stepped outside your comfort zone to learn and deliver something.

6.Have you ever been in a situation where speed was more important than strategy when making decisions? How did you navigate through it?

7.How do you proceed if two different managers present you with two conflicts?

8.Can you give an example of how you build trust and relationships with others?

9.Can you tell us about a time when you had to solve a difficult task in a tight time frame? What is your approach? How do you solve this?

10.Tell me about a time you helped someone to develop in their career and how it benefited them.