10 common mistakes made by Java developer

Lack of Knowledge in Open Source Libraries

Rookie developers often make the deadly mistake of having half the information that someone else possesses.

Understanding Code’s “Logic”

It is almost impossible to memorise every code word in any programming language.

Missing the ‘break’ Keyword

When such behaviour is not wanted, forgetting to include the "break" keyword can have severe consequences.

Forgetting to Free Resources

For novice Java programme users, it is crucial to release the resource after use each time it opens a file or network connection.

Memory Leaks

Java implements automated memory management, which is convenient because it eliminates the need for manual memory allocation and release.

Excessive Garbage Allocation

The programme may allocate garbage excessively if it generates a large number of short-lived objects.

Using Null References without Need

Steer clear of overusing null as much as possible. For instance, it's better for methods to return empty arrays or collections rather than nulls.

Ignoring Exceptions

It is frequently tempting to ignore exceptions. But the best way for both novice and seasoned Java developers to deal with them

Concurrent Modification Exception

When a collection is altered while being iterated over using methods not supplied by the iterator object, an exception happens.

Breaking Contracts

Occasionally, code from third-party vendors or the standard library depends on guidelines that must be followed in order