10 Most Asked Python programming MCQS for problem solving

1. In Python, what is used to define a block of code?

A. Key B. Brackets C. Indentation D. None of these

Ans: C

2.What is the method inside the class in python language?

A. Object B. Function C. Attribute D. Argument

Ans: B

3. Which of the following declarations is incorrect in python language?

A. xyzp = 5,000,000 B. x y z p = 5000 6000 7000 8000 C. x,y,z,p = 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000 D. x_y_z_p = 5,000,000

Ans: B

4. In Python, which of the following statements creates an empty set?

A. ( ) B. [ ] C. { } D. set()

Ans: D

5. In the Python language, which of the following is not a keyword?

A. Assert B. Nonlocal C. Pass D. Eval

Ans: D

6.When a function is defined inside a class then it is called

A. Module B. Method C. Cross D. Class

Ans: B

7. Binary data type is a fixed-width string of length bytes?

A. True B. False

Ans: A

8. Python Dictionary is used to store the data in  which format?

A. Group value pair B. Select value pair C. Key value pair D. None of above

Ans: C

9. Amongst which of the following is / are the conditional statement in Python code?

A. if (a => 200) B. if (a >= 10) C. if a<=100: D. None of above

Ans: C

10.Can the loop be broken before it has iterated through every item using the break statement?

A. False B. True

Ans: B

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