An 18-year Google employee quits, criticizing Sundar Pichai in the process...

An 18-year Google employee's resignation was due to dissatisfaction with the company's changing work culture and CEO Sundar Pichai's leadership. 

The corporation  ended up ranking among the highest paying in the   previous year even after implementing    a significant     number of layoffs.

But not every employee is happy with Google's current culture. An 18-year Google employee recently left the company because he didn't like the work environment or CEO Sundar Pichai's management style.

He went on to talk about how he was able to witness Google's early years, when the firm actually cared about acting in the best interests of both its consumers and society at large. 

He continued by saying that he had personally seen how dedicated Google employees were to the company's goal of arranging the world's knowledge and making it widely useful and accessible.

The former worker described the large layoffs from the previous year as an unintentional mistake "driven by a short-sighted focus on quarterly earnings growth."

He maintained that the company's culture was badly affected by these layoffs, creating a climate of mistrust and terror among the lower-level staff.