mistakes to must avoid in an interview

1. Wearing improper ClothEs

A job interview is not the time to wear casual attire. Jeans and t-shirts are probably not the appropriate attire for a job interview.

2. Being late

One of the most crucial characteristics of a successful employee is punctuality. Make every effort to schedule your travel to the interview site as early as possible.

3.Fabricating a resume

False information on a CV is an unethical practice that you should avoid doing at all costs in your job. Provide only accurate details.

4.consuming food or beverages during the interview

Even if you are extremely hungry, you should not eat during an interview. Manager might believe that you care more about your lunch than the position.

5.Having disrespectful attitude

Keep your smile and manners intact during the interview. To demonstrate your involvement, try to have a straight posture and work on your active listening techniques.

6.becoming distracted during the interview

Everyone gets distracted from time to time, but at a job interview, you want to be totally present in the discussion.

7.Not Asking queries

You can ask any questions you may have regarding the company during the interview. Making a list of questions to bring up during the interview can help you prepare.

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