Checkout Main Features of Next.js

Dipak Mane

Dec 6, 2023

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A file system based router built on top of Server Components that supports layouts , nested routing , loading stats , error handling , and more .

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Client - side and Server - side Rendering with Client & Server Components . Further optimized with static & Dynamic Rendering on the server with Next.js Streaming on Edge & Node.js runtimes .

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Data Fetching

Simplified data fetching with async/ await in Server Components , & an extended fetch API for request memorization , data caching & revalidation .

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Support for your preferred styling methods , including CSS Modules , Tailwind CSS , and CSS-in-JS.

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Image , Fonts and Script Optimizations to improve your applications Core Web Vitals and User Experience .

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Improved support for TypeScript , with better type checking and more efficient compilation , as well as custom TypeScript Plugin and type checker .