Must know difference between react and angular 

Posted by Dipak Mane Published on Dec 4 , 2023

React is a Js Library developed by Facebook which allows you to build UI components .It facilitates the creation of responsive User Interfaces.

Angular is structural framework for developing dynamic web apps . It allows developers to use HTML as template language .

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It is easier to learn as compared to Angular . However , it is hard to learn when augmented with Redux.

Learning Angular is not easy for beginners . Thus , It requires lots of  practice .

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Reactjs is preferred when the dynamic content needed is intensive.

Angular is platform - independent hence compatible to work on any platform .

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React is written in JavaScript.

Angular is written in Microsoft's Typescript language , which is superset of ECMAScript .

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Reactjs does not use the Dependency Injection Concept .

Angular uses  Hierarchical Dependency Injection system .

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Data binding is One-way type.

Data binding is two-way types.

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Instagram , Yahoo , Netflix , Facebook , Dropbox etc. these companies uses React

Microsoft Apple , GoPro , Telegram , Google , PayPal etc these companies uses Angular .

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