Top SQL Platform to Improve Knowledge

1. HackerRank

HackerRank is one of the greatest venues for preparing coding interview questions, from software engineering to data analytics. You can practice SQL with HackerRank's SQL practice suite, which has hundreds of questions.

2. SQLPad

– Single-table operations such as simple SELECT queries, using the WHERE clause, and GROUPBY – Multi-table operations such as JOINs and UNIONs – Window functions These types of practice question's are offered by SQLPad.

3. StrataScratch

Another popular preparation site for SQL interviews is StrataScratch, which contains a large number of SQL interview questions. You can filter the list of questions to receive company-specific SQL interview questions in addition to themes and difficulty level. 

4. DataLemur

Over 40 SQL interview questions are available on the platform, covering topics such as conditional aggregation, string and window functions, and cumulative sums. 

5. LeetCode

LeetCode's SQL question collection is fairly diversified, with varying difficulty levels and themes. You can also filter queries by tag: the tags match to the company names. With a free account, however, you can only access a fraction of the questions. 

6. Mode

Mode is a good option if you want a SQL learning environment where you can practice as you study. The Mode SQL lesson provides one of the most extensive and well-thought-out curricula.

7. SQLZoo

SQLZoo is yet another SQL learning and practice platform. SQLZoo provides bite-sized SQL tutorials ranging from simple SELECT statements to more sophisticated subjects such as window functions. Short practice exercises are interspersed throughout the sessions. There is a special assessment area with more involved SQL questions to put your SQL skills to the test.     

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