Why are freshers not getting jobs in India?

1. Limited Experience

Freshers often lack professional experience, making them less competitive compared to candidates with several years of experience in the field.

2. Skill Mismatch

Sometimes, the skills possessed by freshers may not align with the requirements of the job market.

3. High Competition

India has a large pool of fresh graduates competing for limited job openings, leading to intense competition in the job market.

4. Economic Conditions

Economic slowdowns or fluctuations can impact job creation, making it difficult for freshers to find employment opportunities.

5. Recruitment Processes

Some companies prefer to hire candidates with prior work experience to minimize training costs and ensure immediate productivity. This preference can disadvantage freshers.

6. Networking Gap

Freshers may lack professional networks or connections, making it harder for them to access job openings.

7. Salary Expectations

Freshers sometimes have unrealistic salary expectations, which may not align with the entry-level pay offered by employers.

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